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It's Who You Know

Luxury Real Estate marketing boasts the best and brightest of professional photography, videography, and advertising. But there’s something that sets apart a Luxury Real Estate Agent from the rest— their little black book.

While a successfully listed property brings to mind lots of social media exposure, Zillow paid listings, and lots of online advertising for the modern consumer, the luxury market can be a little (read: a lot) more private.

In a notoriously guarded echelon of real estate, an agent can’t always rely on the listing's exposure, or even an open house to get the home sold. Which is why a Luxury Real Estate agent is dedicated to building a large network of professional contacts.

Effective offline marketing should be built into a Luxury Realtor’s strategy. High-end real estate isn’t always about casting the widest net, but the most effective one.

Holding private broker open houses is often a tactic used by a well connected Realtor. “The last thing you want to be target…

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