4 Things A Great Listing Agent Must Do

We took sometime to see what made us, and other Agents, successful Listing Agents, here are a few points that we found

A picture can tell a thousand words, but in this case it can sell a house! You dress up when you go on a job interview and you put your best outfit when you go out on a date, so why wouldn't you want present a home that you're trying to sell in the best light possible? Agents who are confident in selling a home don't mind spending the money to get a home sold. Great photography not only helps a home look it's best but when people are spending time online searching, it makes a home stand out from others.

Even though we want a home being sold to be a blank canvas so that anyone can imagine themselves living there, we want to spark people's imaginations by staging a home. Staging a home can be as basic as adding a few pieces of furniture to the living room and bedroom, and hanging some artwork around the house. Good realtors know that a home needs to be inviting and it needs to leave buyers with a sense of desire.

Online Marketing
No, we're not talking about having a listing added to the database so it appears on Zillow and Trulia. We're talking about using the various social media networks to advertise a home online. Top Realtors are currently using social media to engage an audience and get people excited about a listing. The best part of social media is adding that social element so people can share, like and comment on your home and create a conversation around Real Estate.

Well Connected
A good listing agent needs to know a lot of people. Why? People don't want their homes to be sitting on the market for too long and a great listing agent is one that can get the word out quickly about a new listing. They also need to know buyers Agents who have potential clients ready to buy at any point in time. Those relationships take time to build and require nurture, it takes a friendly and caring person to be able to build those connections.

Even though we know there are other things to consider, this is something to watch out for if you're considering on listing your home for sale, it will greatly improve your odds of selling it!


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