Smart Luxury

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Luxury is a word often associated with having more. While that can be true for some, more square footage, more closet space, and more backyard do not equate to opulence for everyone. Luxury also means ease and simplicity of lifestyle. Luxury affords you a relaxed state of mind to enjoy your surroundings by painting everyday tasks with convenience, beauty, and design. It doesn’t matter how big your space is, it matters how well it’s used. Quality over quantity usually wins. 

What will make your home luxury? Find out what’s important to you. Consider where you spend the most time in your home, or areas that are ignored and space that’s wasted. Let that desire guide your decisions into your very own high-end lifestyle. Most luxury homes have a few things in common and can certainly bring your home to the next level.

According to Luxury Home Marketing experts, statistics show that more than half of homes available on the market will have smart home technology installed by 2022. When you can control the temperature, lights, locks, appliances, security, even window shades from the touch of your device there will be no more turning around from vacation to double check everything's settled. If houseguests arrive while you’re running late at work, let them in to make themselves comfortable without leaving a key under the doormat. Going out for a dinner date is still possible while keeping everyone safe at home with mobile security apps. The sky is the limit when you rule your domain at the touch of your hand. 

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Gourmet Kitchen
Imagine friends and loved ones drooling over your latest culinary creations, wine selection, or the latest quartz countertops. An abundant lifestyle full of luxury includes entertaining and enjoying good food and great company. Great features to consider include wine coolers, quiet and streamlined professional grade appliances, and of course a customized island! Pick out what you like doing best in your kitchen. Are stews and sauces your thing? Get a bigger range. If you love baking, opt for double ovens. Just remember that materials matter in the long run. 

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Indoor/Outdoor Living
There’s no better pastime than enjoying beautiful weather! Having space that can convert from indoor to outdoor easily is a luxurious way to enjoy your well-kept property on those unforgettable days. Stone firepits, great flooring, mood lighting and shade that comes from landscaped trees or a veranda are great additions to any outdoor living space. And, as interior designer Ginger Brewton shared with Dwellalways a place to set your drink. (Psst, if your HOA allows it, we’re big fans of the outdoor shower as well. What’s more luxurious than that?)

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A Spa Bath
As far as universal home trends go, this small room has become a big deal. We all want a way to retreat from the day in a luxurious way, like multiple shower heads, a jacuzzi tub, heated floors, dual sinks, gorgeous tile, soft fluffy towels…you get the picture. Just like the kitchen, your bathrooms add great value to your home and to your downtime.

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Other luxury features shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if it’s an activity or feature meaningful to you. Keep your gardens beautiful with smart landscaping, be your best with a custom home gym or relax in the entertainment room where you can watch all your favorite movies in surround sound. Have fun! Explore features that put your home over the edge to luxury and create that high-end experience you want. 


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